Self Love Sundays pt. 1

It's Sunday, take a moment to do something for yourself whether it's something physical or for your mental health. As part of this, we're launching this series of posts highlighting articles, podcasts, and videos that we think should be shared. Take a beat and click through!

Enough Leaning In. Let’s Tell Men to Lean Out. by Ruth Whippman is an opinion piece about how we've been encouraging women to 'lean in', 'stand up', or 'take their seat at the table' when we really should be telling men to step back. We're constantly telling women to change their behaviour, clothes, personality but, in reality, it's just blaming the victim. This piece is an amazing article that should be read and shared!








Gender Critical by ContraPoints, a YouTuber who makes detailed pieces about politics, gender, race and philosophy. She speaks fast and does not use irony sparingly. It may not be your cup of tea so keep an open mind but we wish our uni lectures were as interesting as this!








If you've seen Netflix's Unbelievable then you can get some more detail from the real people involved by listening to the  of Doubt episode of This American Life. It's a real life story about a woman who is incorrectly charged with falsely reporting a sexual assault and puts a spotlight on how traumatic the reporting experience is for survivors.






Every single pole dancer has most likely already seen the movie Hustlers where JLo busts out the pole tricks she learnt. If you want to know more about the backstory, have a read of the article that began it all - The Hustlers at Scores 


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